icon-96This Android app is a game called “Beat the Cubes” (link redirects you to the app page on the Google Play store) which is created using the Processing language. The aim of the game is to touch one or more cubes on the screen that randomly change position. Every time you are too late or miss-click a cube, the cubes get smaller. Every correct click gets you a point. 16 points bring you to a higher level. A level increase also increase the speed of the cubes when changing position, but it also resets the cube size back to normal in case you have missed points in the previous level. There is a home-made sound track that follows the pace of each level. Local and on-line leaderbords are implemented as well. You can compare your reaction time of each press and your average reaction time with your other scores or with the on-line scores of other players.

ic_launcherFor my Home electricity consumption meter I created an app that shows current usage in Watts per hour.



The Hug Remote is used to control an Infra Red sauna built by Xiomara.